Catching Up

I knew it was going to happen that I was going to fall down on this.  A lot of it is how busy I’ve been the last week.  I also didn’t have lots I wanted to post about.  But I figured I needed to check in and post a little tonight.

Well, I’m glad my crazy week last week is over.  Lots of appointments.  Of course, this coming week isn’t much better.  I have advocacy at the WV State Capitol for the MS Society on Tuesday with training on Monday afternoon.  Not sure how much good it’s going to do since our legislature, for the most part, is on a set agenda of screwing with everyone and not getting anything done.  But if there’s a chance that maybe next year it might lead to a return to DC for me, I’ll do what I have to.  Also, I get to quickly meet good ol’ Earl Ray, our governor.

Then I have my second dentist filling appointment on Wednesday after exercise and then I have that stress test I have been stressing over, LOL, on Thursday.  The dentist appointment will likely be less fun than the last because the filling is going to the back of my mouth instead of on my 2 front teeth.

We’re expecting a possible thunderstorm in the morning.  Strange to be in a cold-weather setting and getting thunderstorms in February.  I just saw we had one 2 years ago because I posted about it on Facebook.

Well, Hillary won Nevada, but by a very small margin.  Unfortunately, Trump trampled over everyone in South Carolina with only Cruz and Rubio getting decent results.  Jeb Bush has dropped out of the race and I suspect Dr. Carson will too.  Governor Kasich abandoned South Carolina to hit Super Tuesday states.  I think he’d do himself more good dropping out because I see him as a top choice for VP with any of the 3 left (not that I’m planning on voting for the Republican ticket anyway).

Strange that I’m even partially getting “excited” about the Daytona 500 tomorrow.  I cannot believe I’m sort of a NASCAR fan.  I think I need to have my head examined!  🙂

Well, I think I’m done posting for now.  Hopefully, I may post tomorrow, or if not, I should post on Tuesday when I get home from downtown Charleston.


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